Gobi, an immigrant Indian shopkeeper struggles to make a better life and to prove to his homesick wife Zina that his love for her is as great as the love that built the Taj Mahal

1983, New Zealand. Gobi has brought his wife Zina and his son Apu from India with the promise of a better life for them all. In his convenience store, Gobi prides himself on offering service with a smile but his business is struggling, and not helped by the beautiful but aloof Zina, who doesn’t like the customers and misses her family and the warmth of her homeland. She finds escape in stories from home and delights Apu with the tale of the Taj Mahal the greatest romantic love story of them all.

From the producer of the Oscar nominated Whale Rider and the Emmy and Bafta winning director Bharat Nalluri.

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